Avoid the Top 10 Most Common Frameless Glass Balustrade Mistakes

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Simple installations and additions can immensely boost property valuations. The rising popularity of frameless glass balustrade Sydney is largely down to this fact – these structures don’t just look outstanding, but they also add plenty of value to properties. Used in homes and building offices across the country, both internal and external […]

Avoid the Top 10 Most Common Frameless Glass Balustrade Mistakes

Simple installations and additions can immensely boost property valuations. The rising popularity of frameless glass balustrade Sydney is largely down to this fact – these structures don’t just look outstanding, but they also add plenty of value to properties.

Used in homes and building offices across the country, both internal and external balustrades are very popular. You might want to know Why You Should Get a Glass Fencing. They provide safety and security in balconies and support staircases. These structures are also very popular amongst modern-day architecture and interior design experts because –

Glass Makes Spaces Seem Bigger  

Glass balustrades, in particular, are extremely popular amongst modern interior design experts because they help create the illusion of extra space in buildings. You can further Keep Your Children, Pets And Pool Safe With A frameless glass fence.  The clear and see-through glass makes homes or office areas appear larger than they are. When these structures are used as transparent borders on balconies, they look stunning.

They Make Rooms Feel Less Suffocating 

Glass balustrades never block any sun rays from entering the building. Homeowners who want to create ethereal interior spaces will love the large amounts of natural light that glass balustrades allow to freely enter their rooms. Similarly, these structures are ideal for creating open and airy office spaces.

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Resale Value

Since glass balustrades are flag bearers of the modern, sophisticated interior décor movement, they also offer amazing resale value. Whether you sell your house in the next four years or a decade later – this beautification feature is guaranteed to attract many buyers.

Easy to Maintain

To maintain your glass balustrades, all you need is water, vinegar, and lint-free cloth. Wipe the balustrades for a few minutes every day, and they’ll remain as good as new for decades. Scratches and other minor signs of damages on the glass surfaces are inevitable. But, there’s no damage that a bit of polishing can’t restore!


Contrary to belief, glass is one of the most durable construction materials in the market. Tempered glass, which is approximately five times stronger than regular glass, is almost impossible to break. So, expect your tempered glass balustrades to last for many years. Plus, there are no risks like pest infestation or rust.

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Design Options

Shoppers can pick opaque or patterned glass sheets for their balustrades. There are also many colour and texture options. The types of framing also vary. Overall, glass balustrades offer amazing design versatility and can perfectly complement any existing décor feature.

The Best Security Feature 

Balconies are known for being risky. Every year, thousands get injured or killed by falling over balconies. High-quality frameless glass balustrade Sydney prevent many such accidents as they can handle immense structural pressure. Plus, when the tempered glass balustrades break, the glass shards are dull and not sharp. Hence, there are no safety risks for children.

Buying Glass Balustrades 

Despite all the aesthetic and functional benefits that glass balustrades offer, many home and office owners are often afraid to invest in these structures. That’s because they don’t know how to pick the right type of balustrades from the right sources. Thankfully, we can learn from the mistakes shoppers have made in the past. Here’s what shoppers should NOT do while getting frameless glass balustrades in Sydney 

Mistake #1 – Focusing Only on the Balustrade’s Appearance

When shopping for a frameless glass balustrade Sydney, most people feel inclined towards the most good-looking items in the catalogue. Although your balustrade does need to look good, you also need to think in terms of safety, reliability, design, etc. These are the factors that determine the overall value of glass balustrades.

Plus, almost every frameless glass balustrade looks good. The lack of visible screws and joints make these structures look perfect, irrespective of their surroundings. The perfect frameless glass balustrade should offer both form and function. Balustrades are primarily safety structures. Their vanity features aren’t as important.

Mistake #2 – Not Working with Top Installers 

There are numerous experienced installers of frameless glass balustrade Sydney. Risking installation errors to save a bit of cash is a huge mistake. Balustrades are safety components. Their structural integrity should never be compromised. Experienced installers know about these structural considerations. For very little fees, they ensure that the installation process is perfect and the final results are reliable and safe.

Mistake #3 – Not Considering Long-Term Maintenance Requirements 

Although glass balustrades don’t require too much maintenance, users will have to spend some time and resources to maintain these structures in the long-run. Intricately designed balustrades with complicated features require extra attention. People who aren’t open to maintaining such top-shelf balustrades should stick to simple designs that are easier to clean and maintain.

Mistake #4 – Not Researching the Local Markets 

Whenever you’re investing in-home or office improvement features, you should research the local markets. To choose the best possible balustrades, shoppers will have to consider various factors like – maintenance requirements, glass material types, safety regulations, etc.

Meeting with as many local balustrade contractors as possible is the best way of getting the inside scoops into these topics. Ask these contractors to share photos of their balustrades. Ask them about the safety features their balustrades offer. Local market research should also answer questions like –

  • Is the local balustrade contractor a reliable professional?
  • What licenses or registrations does the local balustrade contractor have?
  • Does the contractor offer products that meet Australian Standards?
  • What do the former customers of the balustrade contractors have to say about their products and installation services?
  • What do other contractors (for example, an HVAC installer) in the local market have to say about your balustrade contractor?

Spend a few weeks digging into these details. A high-quality frameless glass balustrade Sydney will cost you a lot. But, if you get your balustrade from a reliable seller, the investment will be worth it. So, take time conducting basic local market research to select the right contractor.

Mistake #5 – Not Prioritizing Safety Features 

If your balustrade is not compliant with the Australian safety standards, you can face troubles from local council members. Even worse, your substandard balustrade can cause accidents and injuries. Plus, insurance companies blatantly refuse any injury claims involving non-compliant balustrades.

  • Dealing with these issues after spending significant amounts on your balustrades can be extremely frustrating. So, prioritize safety features by reading all local balustrade-related compliance requirements.
  • Make sure your balustrade seller is up to date with their regulatory frameworks.
  • If possible, familiarise yourself with local balustrade-related regulations. Use your knowledge of this subject to pose the right questions to the balustrade sellers.

Mistake #6 – Not Confirming Warranty Details

A high-quality Australian-made frameless glass balustrade Sydney will come with user-friendly warranties. That’s because these products are sourced from top production factories that only produce the highest-grade frameless glass balustrades. However, certain sellers in the glass balustrade market offer low-quality products sourced from foreign countries.

  • Of course, the warranty offers for these low-quality balustrades are very poor. So, ensuring that your balustrade provider includes user-friendly warranties in their project proposals is very important.
  • Check whether the provider offers free or discount modifications after installation. Occasionally, the fittings on frameless glass balustrades need adjustments. Is your contractor open to making these timely adjustments for discount prices?
  • Does the provider offer any glass breakage warranties or free repair offers? If they do, check under what circumstances these offers apply.

Mistake #7 – Focusing Too Much on Price 

Although the saying “You get what you pay for” rings true in the balustrade market, simply doling out large amounts of cash won’t help you get the most suitable frameless glass balustrade for your building. So, when reviewing different quotes from different balustrade sellers, look for details like

  • The specific factors mentioned in the quote.
  • The promised project completion time.
  • Post-installation maintenance requirements or fees.

Verify these details before accepting quotes.

Mistake #8 Getting Too Many Quotes from Too Many Contractors

Although it’s wise to research and interact with the best balustrade sellers in your vicinity, never receive more than three quotes. Don’t overstress yourself researching every balustrade seller in the country. Pick two or three reputable sellers and then compare them on the basis of their offerings.

Mistake #9 – Not Exploiting the Design Versatility in the Market 

The great thing about shopping for glass balustrades is a large number of design options you get to pick from. Exploit the balustrade market’s versatility. Don’t stick to plain-Jane designs. Check out balustrades with unique textures, colours, and framing options.

Mistake #10 – Not Discussing Fixing Strategies with Your Provider

Although glass balustrades are pretty sturdy (especially the ones made of tempered glass), accidents are unavoidable, and buyers must prepare for worst-case scenarios. So, discuss how your glass balustrades need to be maintained in case they suffer some dents or cracks. What fixing products should you use? Which repair expert to call? Address these questions with your balustrade seller in advance.

Frameless glass balustrades are guaranteed to exceed your expectations in terms of the elegance, class, and warmth they add to the interiors of your home or office spaces. As long as shoppers avoid these mistakes and partner with high-quality balustrade sellers and installers, these structures can help them add immense aesthetic, functional, and financial values to their properties.

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