How You Can Add Element Of Elegance With Outdoor Water Features

How You Can Add Element Of Elegance With Outdoor Water Features

Water is one of the most precious things in the world. A stream of water can easily hold your attention for hours on end. That is the power and magic of water. People tend to love water and play with water. While bathing outdoors in rivers and seas, people would turn playful, splashing

water on others. On the whole, applications of water are boundless as it has been widely used by all in all the sectors the world over.

In short, water itself is nothing but a unique feature gifted by God. Water features are a unique way of creating colourful waterfalls that simply compliment your surroundings. In other words, a water feature is nothing but a fountain – an ornamental structure in which a stream of water is pumped into the air in an orderly and beautiful manner. Water features have found the pride of place everywhere in homes and workstations. Outdoor water features in Australia have been part and parcel of the people’s lifestyle.


How Water Features Come About :

Well, how about the origin of such water features?  Frankly, the use of water features has long been in existence. The fact is that men and water cannot be separated literally. Here is the small recap of the origin of water features as follows:

  • Your water features need certain force to go into the air gently. In ancient times, water features had been powered and pumped by manpower and gravitational force.
  • Thanks to technology, they have been powered by pumping systems since the 18th century.
  • Technology has started making its foray into the world of outdoor water features. For example, electricity apart, many outdoor water features have been operated by solar power nowadays.
  • The use of solar power brings a lot of benefits with respect to the safety of your environment.
  • Your water features can be made from materials like glass, iron, stone and stainless steel to name a few.
  • Water features range from a small desktop fountain to a large waterfall.


As for Australia, outdoor water features have been making the latest trends among the builders and homeowners alike. In short, the provision of such outdoor water features will not only increase your property value but also strengthen its curb appeal greatly.


Different Types Of Outdoor Water Features :

First of all, water is a natural gift from God. Men cannot create it. All men can do is to preserve and use water. It is to be noted that most water sources have been natural, not man-made. Even when it comes to water features, there have been naturally created ponds, streams and waterfalls that have always been the cynosure of all eyes. There have been guidelines to design a water feature.

Here you can find some of the trending types of outdoor water features in Australia as follows:

  • Disappearing fountains: These fountains are unique in adding an element of instant beauty to your areas. In the disappearing fountains, water is being pumped from the underground reservoirs and then it goes up into the air through the fountains. Thereafter, water disappears back into the ground. These disappearing fountains have been used largely in commercial and residential spaces.
  • Bubbler fountains: These water features are nothing but a beautiful ornamental effort literally. In this structure, water is made to bubble along through the orbs and spill into the pools nearby. No doubt these bubbling fountains will just enrich the elegance of your areas like gardens and courtyards.
  • Spitter fountains: These water features are a real treat to the elderly and children alike. These fountains are usually made out of models and statues of living creatures like fish, birds, crocodiles and even other animals like elephants and lions to name a few. As the name suggests, a stream of water is pumped into the air through the mouths of those living creatures like elephants and fish. Spitter fountains have been close to the hearts of many as they are simply beautiful and easy to install.
  • Wall fountains: These water features are a bit different from the rest of the types. Truly, they are a cut above the rest. In these wall fountains, water is made to fall in cascades – meaning that water falls in stages deep down a large slope. These fountains give the real effect of natural waterfalls. That is why these wall fountains have been the most sought-after among the people in Australia.

As far as outdoor water features are concerned, there have been innovative ideas aplenty. If possible, you can also research for the best outdoor water features  in australia.


Unique Benefits Of Outdoor Water Features :

Quite interestingly, there have been some unique benefits one will get from the use of outdoor water features. They are as follows:

  • Eco-friendly: First up, all these water features are eco-friendly as they are water-based. Plus, they have no harmful chemicals as such.
  • Environmental aspects: Fountains are good protectors of the environment. Besides, solar power-operated water features are the best examples. Scientifically speaking, they help to purify the air in one way or the other way.
  • Like a natural therapy: True, your water features are almost like a natural water therapy literally. Installing water features outdoors is always a good idea. Just fascinatingly enough, outdoor water features will go a long way in cutting the noise levels from outside factors like road traffic.

People always like the presence of nature in their living areas. Such water features are all the unique ways to bring back the natural things to the home space.