Marble in Bellavista Collection’s Furniture: Modern Technologies, Old Traditions

Marble in Bellavista Collection’s Furniture: Modern Technologies, Old Traditions

Natural marble is, by all means, the most durable material used in modern high-end furniture

Natural marble is, by all means, the most durable material used in modern high-end furniture making, compared to wood and even metal. If you take a look at Italian luxury furniture from a reputable brand – say, from Bellavista Collection, you’ll see lots of pieces with details crafted out of marble.

The examples are plentiful. Look, for example, at the thick leg of the OLIVER dining table, the top of the ARTE 1 pedestal, or the inner details of TUDOR and HIM bar units. And that’s not to mention a great variety of optional marble tops and top inserts, offered for many of the tables and sideboards along with wooden ones.

There also is an item worth mentioning separately: it’s an all-marble coffee table named PECHINO, which is Italian for Beijing. The design of this lovely table, as well as the other eleven items that belong to the Dulcechina Collection, was inspired by Chinese motifs. This awesome group of pieces was created in 2018. Not only did it score a great success at trade events later that year, but became so popular that it still occupies a separate section of Bellavista’s website.

Crafted out of a single piece of Rosso Pechino marble, the PECHINO table is rather compact: it’s 50 centimeters (19.7 inches) high, with a hexagonal tabletop of 57.5 x 50 centimeters (22.6 x 19.7 inches). Whatever style you prefer, this table will be a great addition to your home’s interior.

The Outstandingly Wide Color Palette

As you probably know, natural marble comes in a rich variety of colors and vein patterns. If you look at the images of marble options, which the Bellavista brand picked for its pieces, you will be impressed by how diverse they are.

For example, Rosso Pechino marble, which the just-mentioned PECHINO table is made of. This stone is of a beautiful reddish color, with white veins.

Carrara and Calacatta marbles are among Bellavista’s favorites; their colors vary from pure white to blueish or grayish hues, with relatively small veins.

Striped gray marble, or Grigio Striato Elegante, looks elegant, thanks to its gray stripes against the lighter gray background.

Agra marble is mostly white, with light grey veins or stripes.

Grey, white and pinkish veins, spots, and swirls of Arabescato grey marble create a great variety of patterns.

Pulpis marble is of a brownish color, with thin white streaks all over the slab.

Invisible Gray marble has grey spots and veins against a white background.

Emperador Dark Brown marble stands to its name: its spots of rich chocolate color and the dense network of thin lighter-colored veins give this stone a pretty noble look.

Nero Marquina marble looks impressive indeed: it’s dark black, with thin white veins.

Breccia Damascata marble has spots that could be from yellow and ochre to reddish and light brown.

What is special about any kind of marble is that every piece is unique. You will never find two slabs that are exactly the same.

BRAND&STONE: One More Reason to Visit Verona

Since Bellavista Collection has long been using marble, it has plenty to show at a trade event devoted to natural stone processing. The brand is going to take place in it pretty soon – between 27 and 30 of September 2022.

MARMOMAC trade fair will take place in Verona, which is famous for its century-old traditions of marble quarrying and processing. Did you know that from 25 to 30% of marble exported from Italy comes from Verona province? Well, now you know it.

The display will include cutting-edge machinery, tools, and chemicals modern stone processing cannot do without. What is more, visitors to the cultural section of MARMOMAC, named BRAND&STONE, will see numerous items made of natural stone, such as furniture, baths and basins, various decorative items, and many more. Bellavista brand will be one of the exhibitors here.

Bellavista Collection has prepared several newly designed pieces for the upcoming event.

 The dining table with the top made of Carrara marble was designed by Attilio Zanni – the brand’s co-founder and chief designer. The item is named MICHELANGELO after the world-famous Italian sculptor from the High Renaissance, who preferred this kind of stone.

Also, visitors to Bellavista’s stand at Brand&Stone will see the mini-collection named I PREZIOSI (which is Italian for ‘precious’).

So, if you love natural stone, you have one more motive to visit the city of Verona, particularly, the Italian Stone Theatre, where the exhibition will take place.

Machinery Instead of Hammers and Chisels

Italy can boast of virtually millennia-old traditions of stone processing. In Ancient Rome, marble was already extremely popular with wealthy patricians.

It was said that the founder of the Roman empire, Emperor Augustus Caesar (died in 14 AD) “found Rome a city of bricks and left it clad in marble”. Well, it stood to reason: the capital of the ancient Roman empire served as a reflection of its might and wealth.

Wall and floor tiles, columns, linings and edges, different decorative elements, not to mention sculptures – many of these items were produced on the spot, out of the local material. By the way, the famous white Carrara marble has been mined in the Apuan Alps for about two thousand years.

Time passed. Although ancient Roman villas became history, numerous palaces and palazzos still needed marble: this beautiful stone remained a sign of prosperity and high status.

So, Italian marble quarries and processing workshops have always had plenty of work.

XX and XXI centuries brought new technologies and powerful machines, relieving workers from the most time-consuming and hard labor. No hammers, chisels, and primitive saws anymore: modern multi-wire saw machines cut huge marble blocks into multiple thin slabs in minutes! Such backbreaking work as polishing now is done by machines as well.

With the help of modern equipment and tools, today’s stone processors are able to do their work much quicker and easier. In its turn, it enables Bellavista Collection to produce excellent pieces, revealing all the beauty of marble – a remarkable stone, known since time immemorial.