Why you should aerate your lawn

Why you should aerate your lawn

Most people know the basics of lawn care. Many people regularly mow, water, weed and feed their lawns. But what about lawn aeration? Do you ever do this and do you know why you should? You can read all about it in this blog post!

When should you aerate your lawn?

Aerating your lawn is necessary to keep your grass in the best condition. Over time, many gardens will have to deal with a compacted lawn. You can spot this in the formation of puddles of water after a rain shower. You would rather not have compacted soil, as moss often has free rein here. In no time, the moss will have taken over your entire lawn. That is why it is important to regularly aerate your soil. Also, compacted soil ensures that water can no longer be absorbed by the roots of your grass. As a result, the grass slowly dies and you will see many brown or yellow spots in your lawn.

What is the culprit of a compacted lawn?

You cannot completely prevent a compacted lawn. This is because of the intensive use of your garden during the sunny months of the year. The soil becomes compacted through the use of garden furniture, playground equipment, walking on the grass and even the weight of your lawnmower.

But how do you restore your lawn? You can do this by regularly aerating your lawn. During this job you remove, as it were, small tubes of soil from your lawn. This gives the roots more air so that they can regain strength and water can reach them more easily. They are also slightly more exposed to sunlight and this is also very helpful for the roots that should grow underground.

When is the best time to aerate?

It is best to aerate your lawn when there is no frost, like in the spring or early fall. During these periods your grass can recover the fastest. It is not wise to aerate your lawn when you use your garden very intensively, so aerating your lawn in summer is not advised. It is most advantageous to do this just before or after.

It is recommended to aerate your lawn at least once a year. Some lawns require this to be done twice a year. How to find out is simple: look at your grass. If there is a lot of moss or a felt layer, scarifying or aerating is definitely necessary to get your lawn back in perfect condition. You can read many more tips for maintaining your lawn on the Moowy website.